Are you looking for the best attorney you can find in Evanston or Cook County? When your freedom is one the line, it is important that you make the right choice. Okabe & Haushalter is one of Illinois’ premier defense law firms. We have former Cook County state attorneys on staff and an intimate knowledge of this county’s criminal justice system. We also have attorneys on staff that have been included in the list of Super Lawyers® on multiple occasions. This is a legal rating system that designates only the top five percent of attorneys in each state annually. Recently,Newsweek magazine recently included our law firm in their list of “Leading Criminal Defense Attorneys” for 2012. If you’ve been arrested and are looking for an attorney you can trust, consider these awards as a stamp of approval for overall quality and commitment to clients.

Okabe & Haushalter is often featured on major media news outlets throughout the nation for our legal commentary and high-profile criminal cases. We are trusted for our legal knowledge no doubt because of our first-hand experience with high-profile cases such as the OJ Simpson case, Michael Jackson case and the Dream Board case. Our firm has gained a statewide and even a national reputation for excellence and legal knowledge that sets us apart from other defense firms in the Evanston and Cook County areas. We are able to handle even the most complex cases. When many firms turn these cases down, our firm takes them and thrives on them. We handle both felony and misdemeanor cases for clients, such as white collar crimessex crimes,computer/internet crimesfederal offenses and more.


Evanston is a fairly large suburb in Cook County with a population of nearly 75,000. Evanston is located on the shore of Lake Michigan and is also the home of Northwestern University. The city’s top employers are Northwestern University, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Saint Francis Hospital and the City of Evanston. Historically, the majority of voters in Evanston vote Democratic. The city’s population has remained largely the same but has slightly increased over the past ten years.

There are approximately 150-200 violent crimes that allegedly take place in the city of Evanston each year. The most recent statistics indicate that property crimes far outnumber violent crimes. Alleged criminal activity and arrests occur more often than in nearly 75 percent of other cities in the United States. If you are interested in finding out information about which courts serve the city of Evanston, please get in touch with the firm directly. Okabe & Haushalter will be able to provide you with this information, as it is based on the nature of your crime as well as the location.


If you or someone you love has been arrested and is facing criminal charges in Evanston, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Okabe & Haushalter today. Our firm proudly serves all residents of Illinois, including those in Cook County and the city of Evanston. Every individual accused of a crime has the right to legal representation, so make sure you make the right choice for your case. Okabe & Haushalter’s Super Lawyer® rated, Top 40 Under 40, Avvo Top Criminal Defense and Newsweek magazine-rated leading criminal defense attorneys can provide you with the best possible defense of your case. To learn more, we encourage you to call today so that you can receive a free evaluation of your case.


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