Federal crimes are criminal offenses that violate United States federal law. As such, they are prosecuted in federal courts and pose harsher criminal penalties, including significant monetary fines and longer terms of imprisonment. At Okabe & Haushalter, our team of experienced Chicago federal crimes lawyers have logged countless hours in federal courts and have accumulated the skills needed to litigate a number of complex federal cases, including federal drug violations, federal property crime, counterfeiting, and conspiracy allegations. Our firm also maintains an active white collar crimes and business litigation criminal defense practice, which prepares us to represent clients accused of antitrust violations, money laundering, tax evasion, and other similar offenses.

Beyond preparing for cases, conducting investigations, and working tirelessly to craft strong and convincing defense plans, our firm aims to fight aggressively for each client during every step of their legal process. This means that from initial federal investigations to indictments and trials our team of bold legal advocates will remain firmly by your side while we fight for your rights and pursue a favorable case outcome.


Federal courts typically handle issues that are much more serious than what is often handled at the municipal or state level. That is not to say that states do not handle serious charges, but you will find that the federal government does not waste its time on low-level offenses. At Okabe & Haushalter, some of the most common types of federal charges that we help clients with include the following:

  • Bank robberies
  • Bribery
  • Various firearms offenses
  • Various drug offenses
  • Counterfeiting
  • Cybercrimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Health care fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Racketeering
  • Tax evasion
  • Wire fraud
  • Terrorism

Often, you will hear federal crimes referred to as “white collar” offenses. While this term does make sense for many federal crimes, the reality is that not all federal crimes are white collar.


Any person convicted of a federal crime in Chicago will then have a date set for sentencing. Some of the possible outcomes of a federal conviction include the following:

  • Significant prison sentences
  • Major fines
  • Community service

It is important to understand that federal crimes are not the same thing as state crimes, and thus, federal sentencing is vastly different than state sentencing. Federal judges are required to follow the federal sentencing guidelines when they reference the severity of a particular conviction. For most federal statutes, there are mandatory minimums that judges must adhere to. This can lead to very little wiggle room when it comes to how harsh a sentence will be. This can be confusing for those comparing nearly the exact same crime at the state level with the federal sentencing guidelines. Even if a crime seems similar at both levels, a federal conviction but likely result in a much harsher penalty than a person who is convicted at the state level.


The attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter do you want to point out that a person can face charges at both the state and federal level for the same crime. The federal government and the state of Illinois are two separate jurisdictions that can both bring charges against a person. This often results in the state waiting for the federal government to wrap up their case, or vice versa. Many people wonder if this is considered a form of “double jeopardy,” which is prohibited under The US Constitution. The reality is that the Fifth Amendment only applies to not being able to try a person for the same crime twice in the same jurisdiction. Illinois and the federal government are two separate jurisdictions.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we are here to help if a person is facing both federal and state charges. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients in Illinois at both the state court and federal court levels.


To say that our Chicago criminal defense attorneys are proven would be an understatement. Having won awards from countless legal associations and ranking organizations and having earned distinction from media sources such as CNN, USA Today, the Associated Press, and Dr. Drew, our team has demonstrated exceptional abilities in the realm of criminal defense law. Our firm has even been featured in the October 15, 2012 edition of Newsweek Magazine, in which we were named a Leader in Criminal Defense. All of these professional accomplishments can be funneled down into a simple statement that speaks volumes about our practice and what we do for clients: we know how to obtain results, and we fight to win. Contact Okabe & Haushalter to retain the legal representation you need to protect your future.

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