Naperville is a city within DuPage County and partially Will County. Naperville is consistently listed as one of the nation’s wealthiest cities as well as a top city to live in. It is up there with Chicago, Aurora and Rockford as one of the most populous cities in the state of Illinois. If you have been arrested and are now facing criminal charges in Naperville, please get in touch with a Naperville criminal defense attorney from our firm. Okabe & Haushalter is one of the premier law firms in the nation, and is staffed with attorneys who are former Cook County state attorneys, Super Lawyers® rated lawyers and more. Our firm truly stands out among the many others in DuPage County and in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our firm comes well-respected by peers and clients alike.

Okabe & Haushalter frequently handles high-profile cases. In the past, we have been involved with the OJ Simpson case, the Dream Board case and the Michael Jackson case. Our involvement in these types of complex and heavily visible cases has warranted media attention of its own. Major media news outlets such as CNN and Fox News frequently use our lawyers as legal commentators in pertinent criminal cases throughout the nation. Our knowledge of the criminal codes and procedures is truly unmatched. We handle both felony and misdemeanor cases including drug crimes, sex offensesfederal crimeswhite collar offenses, and much more. For effective criminal defense, turn to our firm.


Naperville is a Chicago suburb with more than 142,000 residents making it the fifth-largest city in the state of Illinois. Naperville is also within close proximity to Wheaton, Lisle and Aurora. The per capita income is relatively high for other cities within Illinois. Many residents of Naperville commute to other cities in the Chicago metropolitan area for work, but the cities top employers are Edward Hospital, Nicor and Alcatel-Lucent.

Naperville is a relatively low crime rate city. Statistically, it is safer than 61 percent of other U.S. cities. The “safeness” of a city is determined based on annual crime rates for both property and violent crimes. In the city of Naperville, there are approximately 100 violent crimes yearly and over 2,000 annual property crimes. Property crimes include burglary vandalism while violent crimes are assault, rape and related offenses.

Naperville is home to various college campuses, tourist attractions and parks. Northwestern College, for example, has a Naperville Campus as does DePaul University. Naperville is home to the Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon which is a bell tower which was dedicated in 2000. This structure warranted the city’s designation as a White House Millennium Community. Parks include Centennial Beach, Commissioners Park, Knoch Knolls Park and more.


If you were arrested in the Naperville area, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our firm. Okabe & Haushalter offers exceptional criminal defense representation to clients throughout the state of Illinois. Our firm is proud to be able to extend our representation to clients outside of Chicago and in cities throughout the nation. We have experience, we have knowledge and we have the case results. To learn why our firm could be the right choice for your case, please call us today. We provide free case evaluations for any and all interested in our services. These evaluations in no way obligate you to our firm and they will be kept in the strictest confidence. Experience the difference for yourself; call a Naperville criminal defense lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter today!


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