Federal crimes are unlawful acts that are explicitly prohibited by federal legislation. Although state law often collides and intersects with federal law, individuals who are charged with certain sex crimes can be prosecuted in a federal court rather than a state court. Usually, the stakes are higher in federal courts and prosecution teams are often more experienced and intent on gaining convictions than those in state courts. When sex crimes are prosecuted as federal offenses, it typically signifies that allegations are much more serious and that potential penalties are enhanced.

Most sex crimes involving minors under the age of 18 are prohibited by federal legislation and can therefore be prosecuted in federal courts. Additionally, sex crimes involving rape, child pornography, human trafficking, sexual assault, aggravated sexual abuse, multiple offenders and a number of other charges and situations can be prosecuted as federal crimes. In addition to unsavory criminal records and mandatory sex offender registration, convicted federal sex crime offenders also face significant prison terms in federal penitentiaries.

There are far too many reasons why individuals accused of a federal sex crime need to retain proven and experienced representation. Aside from reducing the risk of suffering the most severe penalties, our team of Chicago criminal defense attorneys can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process, that you are not invasively violated by major federal agencies such as the FBI or CIA and that your receive the legal support and vigorous legal advocacy you need to find vindication.


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