In almost every state across the U.S., including Illinois, a commission of any sex crime will result in lifetime sex offender registration upon conviction. This means that the individual’s criminal record, name, and address will be publicly available for search and viewing by absolutely anyone. The purpose of sex offender registration is to allow the general public a means of awareness regarding sex offenders in their area and near their children’s schools.

Sex offender registration also puts restrictions on the offender’s career, residence, and life. Restrictions are found in the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act (730 ILCS 150/) and are as follows:

  • Residence within 500 feet of a school building or property, playground, child care institution, day care center, or facility providing programs exclusively directed toward persons under 18
  • Presence within a school zone, building, or form of conveyance
  • Presence within 100 feet of a school pick-up or drop-off zone, including school bus zones
  • Presence in a park where children under 18 are present
  • Approaching, contacting, or communicating with any child under 18
  • Loitering within 500 feet of school property when children under 18 are present on the property
  • Loitering within 500 feet of a public park building or property
  • Communication with a child under 18 via electronic communication, social media, or the Internet
  • Employment at any school, care facility, or center offering services for children under 18
  • Operation of a vehicle designed for the retail of food, such as an ice cream truck; an authorized emergency vehicle; or a rescue vehicle


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