Businesses can be charged with consumer fraud if they obtain profits from consumers through deceptive practices. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Telemarketing and email spam are common forms of consumer fraud, where an entity claims to be a legitimate business and deceives consumers into paying money for products or services that the entity fails to provide. Identity theft is common in consumer fraud cases, as well, when telemarketers or other entities gain the trust of consumers and obtain their personal information in order to steal their identity.

Computer crimes and credit card fraud are often forms of consumer fraud, as well. False advertising and false impersonation are tactics used to obtain profits from unsuspecting consumers. Conviction of consumer fraud could ruin a business and land a person in jail or prison for a felony offense. Consult with a Chicago criminal defense immediately if you have been accused of or charged with consumer fraud. Without excellent legal representation, you stand little chance of successfully fighting your charges and avoiding the harsh penalties that are involved.


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