Obtaining payment by filing a fraudulent insurance claim is a crime in the state of Illinois under 720 ILCS 5/17-10.5. This includes providing false information on part of an application in order to have it approved. Fraud is a form of deceptive practice and will be punished with harsh penalties, especially in the event of aggravated insurance fraud. This occurs when a person commits 3 or more cases of insurance fraud within an 18-month period.


Insurance fraud can range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 1 felony depending on the value of the claim obtained through deception. The classes and penalties are as follows:

  • Less than $300: Class A misdemeanor
  • Greater than $300 but less than $10,000: Class 3 felony
  • Greater than $10,000 but less than $100,000: Class 2 felony
  • Greater than $100,000: Class 1 felony

Class A misdemeanors are punishable by a possible jail term of up to one year, as well as a maximum fine of $2,500. As for a Class 1 felony, these are penalized with a prison sentence of 4 – 15 years and a maximum fine of $25,000. Hire a competent Chicago criminal defense lawyer right away if you have been charged with insurance fraud. It is vital that your attorney have the experience to defend you from these harmful penalties.


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