Mortgage fraud, or loan fraud as it’s called in 720 ILCS 5/17-10.6, is committed when a person makes a false statement, overvalues their property, or commits any act in an attempt to obtain a loan or to obtain a larger loan than they need in order to use the funds for their own benefit. This is a form of financial institution fraud, which includes loan fraud for any kind of loan including mortgages. The penalties for this offense are as follows, according to the amount of money obtained:

  • Less than $500: Class A misdemeanor
  • $501 – $10,000: Class 3 felony
  • $10,001 – $100,000: Class 2 felony
  • $100,001 – $500,000: Class 1 felony
  • $500,001 – $1,000,000: Class 1, non-probationable felony
  • More than $1,000,000: Class X felony


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